About Us – BLARE Films

What do you need to know about us? First off, Blare Films is a production company concentrating on the development of powerful and motivating tv commercials, live events, corporate videos, short and feature films, music videos in Las Vegas as well as the rest of the country.

BLARE Films’ Philosophy

BLARE Films’ philosophy can be summarized in one sentence: “Stellar, Hollywood-quality video production at an affordable price everyone can work with.” The goal from the beginning was to take a commercial for even a smaller business and make it look like a Hollywood blockbuster or Super Bowl ad.

To achieve this, Barnett and McAleece invested quite a bit of time and effort researching the latest digital video cameras and programs to design a workflow that allows for the highest quality while reducing expenses and wasted time. The high-definition cameras and software they invested in produce videos that look like film, or even better. Because it shoots digitally, BLARE Films has the ability to edit immediately after coming back from a set, making the operation “lean and mean” and able to turn projects around quickly.

Complete Creative Services for All Budgets

Filling the gap between cheap, poorly-made video and ultra-high-end Hollywood productions, BLARE Films’ productions can be deployed for any business in multiple formats including Internet streaming, DVD and television broadcast. According to Barnett, “There is really no excuse any more for any business not to take advantage of video these days, even if it is just to put on a home page or on YouTube. Our goal here is to make sure that those videos knock the socks off the viewers and make our customers look good.”

To that end, BLARE hires only well-experienced cameramen, writers, and crew to maintain professional production values. BLARE Films’ crew and equipment is occasionally rented out to other video production companies due to BLARE’s reputation for quality.  We have been able to prove that we are the premier video production company in Las Vegas

BLARE Films– Think national.

Please contact us at (702) 487-3420 or request a free consultation today.