How lengthy is the video production process?

Usually we schedule it to be an eight week process ; every client has needs that vary though. If you have a tight timeline, we have done entire productions in 14 days.

I spoke with another production company in Las Vegas and they said I need to give them the storyboard and script. Do I have to write the final production for your company?

You can be as involved as you want to be in the production. You are welcome to be the writer and director or we can do it for you from your companys’ biography and the storyboard for the production that we make together.

Can you produce outside of Las Vegas ETC?

We shoot anywhere the project takes us. When production is complete, we can do the post production at our corporate office.

How many camera operators does it take to create a production?

Many videos only require 1 camera. However, we do recommend 2/3 for weddings and live event coverage; we can’t do retakes as we do with commercials and corporate videos.

Should we provide the actors for the production?

It’s perfectly OK to use people within your company; however, if you would like to hire an actor/actors we can aquire demo reels and let you choose the best representative.

Should I be present during the production?

Your choice. We can have a strategy meeting to outline the storyboard beforehand and provide a director if you need to be less involved.

Do you offer personal services such as weddings, graduations, etc?

We are definitely available for that. If you hire a solo videographer you may or may not get good results for wedding and graduations, but if you hire us you will have peace of mind and we will work with you through the entire process.
– better equipment
– more reliable; wedding videographers come and go
– better video quality

Bottom line, how much does it cost?

Video production in Las Vegas tends to start at $3900, but the price range will vary based on the options you choose for your project. We’ll do everything possible to meet your budget. Some of the factors that influence the cost include:
– the number of cameras
– actors needed
– if you need a director
– miscellaneous equipment needed
– animation in the video