Animated TV Commercial

Invisible Fence

As the old adage goes, the hardest thing to shoot is animals and children. Add to that a large green screen with a lot of light requirements and a complicated hot head jib dolly setup and you start to grasp just how tough this shoot was. That was only the beginning though because post production brought a whole range difficulties. Thankfully, 3D wizard Jeremiah Belt was employed to do all the keying, match moving and extensive 3D modeling. It took many months of post work but a number of fantastic videos were eventually finished and used by the Invisible Fence company. We shot the project on our RED Epic camera and it was written, directed, produced and edited by Windsong Productions.

Our Blare Films’ Production team works hand in hand with Windsong to het the best shots for these type of animated TV commercial spots.

Invisible Fence knows your per is a part of your family. That’s why Invisible Fence Brand created solutions to keep your dog or cat out of trouble — and in your good graces. That means less stress for you. And more tummy-rubs for you-know-who. Check out their site!