CGI Commercial


Here is the XGLIDERS spot that aired on Nickelodeon Nationwide. We shot the spot entirely with our RED One Camera. Our LAs Vegas Video Production team few into San Francisco for this CGI Commercial. The Xgliders are also in all of the Toys R Us’ with Ian’s picture on the box. (Ian McAleece is the main skater and one of our cameramen) In addition to shooting the commercial on our RED One we also handled the still for the project. We didn’t do the graphic design and packaging for the box but there are some other pictures we shot too. The graphics for the commercial were done in After Effects and the footage was graded in Apple Color. The 3D animation at the beginning was done in 3DS Max making this a CGI commercial. On our RED ONE camera we used the RED 300mm lens, the RED 18-50mm lens and a Nikon 8mm fisheye. It was a great shoot and the use of the RED One camera really opened up a lot of doors for us since we did a lot of run-n-gun shooting in high profile San Francisco film production areas with and without permits.