Chemical Company Video – Helena

Here is a video we created for a chemical company named Helena. We had to relearn photosynthesis process to for it. Thanks to the animator. We were able to showed how Helena’s products help ph balance soil in order for plants to better absorb nutrients. Check our video. In addition to editing we captured more footage for this video.

About Helena
Founded in 1957, Helena Chemical Company (now Helena Agri-Enterprises) has grown to be one of the nation’s foremost agricultural and specialty formulators and distributors in the United States. Products and services offered include Crop Protection Products, Fertilizer and Fertilizer Application Services, Specialized Nutrients, Seed and Seed Treatments, Financial Services, and Precision Ag Services and Software. Helena also offers its own line of products — Adjuvants, Bioscience, Branded Fertilizers, Nutritional, Seed Treatments and Value-Added Products — through the Helena Products Group (HPG).

Helena is headquartered outside of Memphis in Collierville, Tennessee. Across the country, Helena has over 4,000 employees that work in about 450 branch locations, as well as division offices.

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