Convention Highlight Video


This was the first time our great Las Vegas video production team was deployed to this Convention. The Digital CPA community and profession’s leaders who are truly embracing the Digital CPA era gather annually for the Digital CPA Conference. The Digital CPA 2015 was filled with engaging content, and allowed Digital CPA’s to learn alongside each other. It was held at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This years convention ran over 4 days. We had a couple of different camera operators capturing footage from the first 3 days. We shot part of the keynote speakers and breakout sessions. We also captured social happy hour. That footage was given to our video editor on location. He was able to finish his edit and have it ready to be shown at the event on the final day.

The transformation to Digital CPA status requires change firm wide.
Any professional staff members will benefit from this conference, including:
Partners, managers and staff of client accounting service teams
Technology champions responsible for implementing cloud solutions within your firm
Business development directors and firm marketing directors
Human resource directors and employee development professionals
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