Feature Film


Feature Film Showboys is a fun comedy romp in the tradition of Superbad and Road Trip with a dash of Judd Apatow thrown in. It features cinematography by BLARE Films through the efforts of Las Vegas Natives Bryan Harley, and brothers Justin and Ian McAleece. The Feature Film was shot on the Red One Camera with some DSLR shots thrown in from a Canon 7D for car shots and some guerrilla Hollywood Blvd shooting and Las Vegas. TWe kept a blistering pace in only 15 days but benefitted from a well prepared and executed vision by writer/director/producer Johnny Soto. Most of the key talent is straight from Hollywood but the local Las Vegas Feature Film scene was also tapped for several strong supporting roles. The movie is not only hilarious at times but has a great message and a lot of heart. It won the audience choice award at the Dances with Films festival and has been delighting fans at every theatrical showing thus far.