Feature Film Production

Gordon Family Tree – Movie Trailer
Gordon Family Tree is a bright, independent Feature Film appropriate for all audiences. Quirky, beautiful, comedic, and a coming-of-age roadtrip, Freemont Gordon discovers that “Embracing who you are is what matters” while driving across the country and building Tree Houses for families in need. He finds that any job, no matter how small, is important and should be celebrated! What a great time we had in Arkansas for 3 weeks in September and October! We owe a special thanks to the producers, Jennica and Ryan Schwartzman. We helped shoot this feature with our Epic Camera System on Canon L Primes and Zooms. Las Vegas video production’s own Justin McAleece was the camera operator for the film and Ian McAleece was the gaffer. This is not the 1st Feature Film Production this same team has work on.  Nicole McAleece was also key to the project as the script supervisor as she has been in other Feature Film Productions.