Las Vegas Music Video Production

Nicci Nix

This was one of the first Las Vegas music video productions that we shot with Christian Strickland as Director and Greg Amaro as Director of Photography. Features up and coming artist Nicci Nix. BLARE Films edited the music video and did all of the color correction and light animation. We shot this in Fresno California and utilized a lot of professional and high end gear including a full grip and lighting truck. We used HMI’s, a Matthews Dolly and jib.  This was the first Music Video Production that we shot using the RED One Camera.  This video was shot in 2008 and it gave us the opportunity to show what we can do with with our cameras. Nicci was definitely a pleasure to work with and it goes to show what can be done on a small budget. For those that don’t remember Nicci Nix was an American Idol finalist.  She was also been on has been on several reality shows, including MTV’s “Date My Mom,” “Next,” “Exposed,” “Making the Band” and NBC’s “Fear Factor.” She also goes by the name Nicole Palmeri. She also has other music video production tracks.  For more Las Vegas Music Video Production google Blare Films.