Medical TV Commercial

Bakersfield Heart Hospital – More Hearts

Here is a beautiful spot we did for Scope Creative in Bakersfield for the Bakersfield Heart Hospital. This was a very unique spot to do because of the fact that we had to literally drop 10’s of thousands of little red paper hearts. The vast majority of the hearts in the spot are real and it provided quite a few opportunities for things to go wrong not to mention a whole lot of chances for us to run around and pick up every last one of them between takes. The creative, producing and directing was taken care of by Jon Slagle, Jean-Luc Slagle and the good people at the Heart Hospital. BTW this commercial was inspired by another national spot, just in case you feel like it’s a bit familiar. BLARE Films of Las Vegas employed a variety of shiny boards, 12×12 bounces and a lot of other grip gear. It was quite a fun shoot and we got to ride around on an awesome Fisher 10 dolly the entire time. We used an EPIC camera with custom diffusion and Canon L series primes and zooms.