Vladmir Boom – Pinche Guerro

By Music Video Company Blare Films

Russian born Vladmir Boom has had an extra ordinary life.  In this music video titled “Pinche Guerro” we recreated the portion of his life shortly after he had to sneak into the United States through Mexico.  Boom hung out, partied, played sports and worked with his Mexican born homies.  He shares with those homies the same dream of becoming a successful American.  Even though it was rough having to work landscaping and restaurant jobs, this is still the land of opportunity, and Boom makes it.  This music video was directed by Justin McAleece and the Director of Photography was Ian McAleece. It was shot with the RED Epic Dragon camera and we used on of our Inspire 1 aerial camera rigs. We also made full use of our DJI Ronin brushless gimbal stabilization system and shot the majority of the video with that. Reggie Castaneda was the key grip and Eve Morris and Dominique Chestand killed it as the production assistants.  Co-produced by Ro Leon of Blare Films a film and music video company.