Robot Music Video

Bring Back the Bot

A music video with a half man / half robot was the funnest project yet. The shoot itself was over 3 days. We captured footage for this music video and a short film both titled, “Bringing back the bot”. A good portion of this video was shot inside the V Theater. The theater is inside Planet Hollywood Resort located on the Las Vegas strip. We also used a warehouse, a friends house and a metal shop. This music video also contains pickup shots capture by a second video team. Russ Talbot did an exceptional job with costumes and talent. Shoot for the 2 projects was produced by Russ Talbot and Blare Films’ Ro Leon. Johnny Soto was the director. Michael Sweeney was our DP behind the Red Epic Dragon Ultra HD Camera. Lance Canilao was our grip. Chase Daniels was the PA. And last but not least we had Alfredo Smith was in charge of audio.

The Russ T. Bot, which has been named “A real live special effect,” was created when the minds of veteran Hollywood Wizards and today’s hottest music producers collided.

Over 5 years in the making, and with the help of innovative advancements in robotics and music production, the various elements of this performance collective has been seen in over 50 countries.

Part robot and part DJ, The Russ T. Bot is a one-of-a-kind performer that continues to produce an out of this world music experience.

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