We shoot this Trade School Commercial for  SJVC – the spot is called: “Student’s Point of View”. When you’ve been doing spots for SJVC as long as we have, it can get hard to make each campaign seem fresh. In this case though we were able to come up with quite a unique way to shoot these spots by putting the viewer in a quintessentially first person view. Its rare to have the cameraman be the actor, but in this case it was the only way to do it. We made a custom bike helmet rig for our Canon 5Dmk3, attached a wireless video transmitter and even used a fabricated counterweight system. It was a very interesting experience but I think the device ended up perfect for the story we were trying to tell. Justin McAleece and Joann Mercado were the camera operators and the spots were directed by Byron Watkins and produced and edited by Windsong Productions.