Camera Rental

RED Epic and other 4k plus Ultra HD Cameras

At BLARE Films we like to be a total camera solution for your project. Our rates for the gear are competitive with most rental houses but since we only do “wet” rentals, we include a Director of Photography with every package. If you already have a DP for your project then our owner-operators have extensive feature experience as a DIT/DMT, 1st AC or 2nd AC. We are very flexible and our primary goal is to “make it work” regardless of the scope. This can include adding extra crew members as we can scale up to a full production crew.

Our Standard RED Scarlet package is priced at an ultra low, ultra HD rate of $1450/day. 2 days at $2400 and Weekly Rental of $6000. This package is perfect for indie-style productions where you want to move fast and be very flexible. This package has been designed to be superbly lightweight and is based on top of the line L Series Canon lenses and the Impero/Birger combination. In the right hands these lenses and support gear yield amazing results without all the mass and storage requirements of the traditional cinema package. If, on the other hand the traditional cinema package fits your production, that is available below. Both packages include pre-production consultation time and total follow through to remedy any post production issues. In addition we have grip and electric packages which can accompany the camera package in our Honda Odyssey minivan or 14″ GMC box truck with lift gate. Here we go…

Ultralight Camera Package Includes:

Red Scarlet Body w/ Compact Flash Module, Tape Hook, and Body Cap
RedRockMicro 2-Stage Swing Away 19mm Matte Box complete with Top eyebrow and adjustable side wings
Canon Birger mount
Impero Wireless Follow Focus
Panasonic BT-LH1710W HD-SDI Monitor with BNC cables
Vinten Vision 10 Tripod Head with Carbon Fiber Sticks and Floor Spreader
100 mm bowl Hi hat
Red Onboard 5.6″ LCD w/ Cable & Arm
Red Power Pack – Includes RED Charger, 3 RED Batteries and DC power Cable
(2) 320gb Red Raid Drives
(4) 8gb Compact Flash Cards,
10′ LCD Monitor Cable
(2) 18″ LCD Monitor Cables
(3) Long and short BNC cables
Red A/C Adapter, Red Cradle, Drive Cable, (4) Mini XLR Cables, (2) Mini BNC to BNC Adapter, (2) Red Carbon X Super lightweight 19mm 18″ Rods, (2) Red Steel 19mm 18″ Rods, (2) Element Technica Aluminum 19mm Rods, (3) Universal Mounts, (2) Top Mounts, (2) Red Side Handles, Top Handle w/ Handle Extension, Extra Red Arms with nano clamps, Red Right Handle, Red Cheese Plate, Red Dovetail, Custom Shoulder Pad, Red Wingnut backup pack, (2) Bolt Set backup, Complete Allen Wrench and Mini Screwdriver set

Complete L Series Canon Lens Set
Canon 24 1.4L
Canon 35 1.4L
Canon 50 1.2L
Canon 85 1.2L
Tokina 11-16 2.8
Canon 16-35 2.8L
Canon 24-70 2.8L
Canon 70-200 2.8L II w/ Advanced Image Stabilization
Canon 15 2.8 Fisheye
2x telextender
Complete set of screw on ND, Polarizer and UV filters for run-n-gun.
Rosco Tru Color 4×5.65 Hot Mirror IRND
4×5.65 – .6, .9, 1.2 and 1.5 ND filters
4×5.65 – Circular Polarizer
4×5.65 – .9 Soft Edge Grad ND
Camera Cart
Monitor Cart
Complete 1st AC kit including expendables
Custom Pelican Case contains camera and all camera Accessories
Custom Pelican Lens Case contains all lenses and accessories
Data Wrangler kit with mac laptop with complete set of cables, software & Sandisk card readers

As you see there are some key differences between our package and one you would get from a rental house. Not only do we include expendables, extra cable, a camera cart, monitor cart and many other pieces of gear. In many cases we can get you special things to complete your production, all you have to do is ask.

Ultimate Cinema Package Includes:

If you are looking for a more traditional package ready for PL lenses and a more classical cinema environment we have exactly what you need with our Ultimate Cinema package. This package swaps out some gear for other gear such as the sticks, matte box and glass.

Arri MB20 Matte Box
Arri FF4 Follow Focus with whips and crank
Red Arri Style Baseplate with Element Technica Dovetail
OConnor 2065 Fluid Head
Standard Mitchell Sticks
Baby Mitchell Sticks
Mitchell High Hat
Extra Red Power Pack
Element Technica EVF mount
Red 18-50mm 2.8 Lens

Rates for this package are variable and will change according to the lens set and any other gear that is needed.

Call or email today and we’ll work with you to set up the ideal package for your shoot at a rate you can afford. We love doing this and we take a lot pride in our ability to not only provide gear but a complete solution. Our packages are typically delivered in a Minivan with the option of a small lighting package or we can load it all into our Indie Camera/G&E truck which is perfect for commercials, shorts and indie features. If you want to step it up to a separate and fully stacked 2-5 ton G&E package we have multiple options in many cities for anything you might need and we can always travel for anywhere in between. All over the country. All over the globe. At BLARE Films we have what you need and can put it all together and let you get back to being creative.