Movie Cars and Picture Vehicles

Blare Films of Las Vegas can direct you to Movie cars and Picture Vehicle Rentals for your next music video or movie project. In addition to the Movie and Picture Cars they have other unique movie and picture vehicles.

Movie cars, picture cars, movie vehicles and picture vehicle rentals for your next video production project.  Whether it’s for a music video, movie, film, and /or a TV Commercial they can help:

Movie Cars

C and H Movies Cars
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You never know what a project will call for. Below is a look of some of the movies cars and vehicles available.

Police Car (custom markings available)

This police car is available with custom markings. The way you can dress it up as a police, sherif, highway patrol, or trooper.


This ambulance has everything you could possible need. Paramedics book separately.


Looking to create a taxi scene or your very own taxi confessions the this taxi car is for you!


Want to shoot a music video inside and out of a limo. Then check this out.

Motorcycle with Sidecar

Again, you never know what you might need.  Here is a motorcycle and sidecar!